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Wealth Creation – 12 easy hacks to make more money!

March 9, 2019

Everybody wants more money. But have you ever tried creating wealth fixed into the parameters of your income and expenses?

One of the excuses (dare I say) of people not attempting to eat healthier is that it’s too expensive. While I do agree that quality food and variation of food can be pricey. It is available if you choose it.

There are many areas of your life where money is leaving for things that you don’t need and don’t even want. By cleaning up unnecessary expenses, you will soon start to see some wealth creation in your own life. No pining for a pay increase or somehow changing inflation to pay less for goods.

1. Don’t spend money you don’t have.

Save that credit card for dire emergencies. A new car or TV does not count.

2. Get organized.

Budgets and lists are your new BFF’s. Seeing where your money is going and controlling your shopping trips are great ways to save and create more wealth.

3. Analyze the things you need.

I recently sat and analyzed exactly what I want for my beauty regime, realizing I only relied on a few staples. The other stuff in my arsenal were impulse buys cleverly marketed at my desires. Recognizing what you often use and love you can say no to the things that look and sound nice but probably won’t replace your go-to products.

4. Weigh up what’s most important.

One of my favorite Liezl times is pedicure and foot massage. But the feeling isn’t as lasting as how good I feel from my spirulina smoothies. Weigh your options. We all want things but sometimes you have to let it go for something bigger. Sometimes not having everything makes life more interesting.

5. Recognize the capitalist trap.

Once you see that markets rely on your absent-minded shopping, its easier to resist buying. Your current phone is awesome. You don’t need an upgrade for 2000 USD.

6. Don’t spend money because you have it.

When we have money it’s like a power uncontrollable to go out and ‘treat’ yourself. I am all for treats, but try to stay conscious about what you are spending that extra cash on and why. Saving it for a trip in the summer sounds much better than 5 extra jeans that get jammed in your closet. Save the wealth you are already creating.

7. Know why you are buying things.

Are you buying something because you need it or because it’s filling a hole? Get to the root cause of why you are feeling like you are and address it. Covering the shit doesn’t cover the smell. Whether its food, clothes or tech. Know thyself.

8. Ask yourself ‘Do I need this?’

Every time I am out shopping I ask myself, with said product in hand, “do I need this. Usually its a no. If after a few weeks I am still after it, I’ll go buy it, but that seldom happens.

9. Go deeper, not wider.

The advice I ever read. Most of us have way too much stuff. Instead of buying new clothes, go and sort your cupboard out. No doubt there are items hidden far in the recesses of your wardrobe you have forgotten about. Dig deeper into your tech drawer and find some of those unused gadgets from birthdays and Christmases past. Enjoy them anew!

10. Recognize that you have a monkey mind.

But you can train this monkey. Consumerism is a trap. We buy stuff, feel a temporary excitement and then it fades along with that thing and you want more. Buy mindfully. FInd pleasures in life from within. A walk with the fam, picnic with the girls or movie night with a partner.

11. Use things until they can no longer be used.

Retrain your neural pathways to love the thrill of finishing a product. Employ a strict no buying until the other is finished rule. There is a definite sense of satisfaction when you throw one out and replace it fresh. I don’t know about you, but when I looked at my bathroom cupboard hoarded with unused products, I did not feel good.

12. Learn to enjoy saving

Most people have financial stress. But you can get a hold of your finances and start saving if you apply focus and commitment. Overspending and senseless spending are avoidable. Enjoy watching that bank statement get happier.

Two amazing resources that flipped my shopping switch was Marie Kondo and The Minimalists. I encourage you to go and look into these power people for some serious inspiration! Learning to see the joy in the things you own and learning to love less is some of the core values to be discovered.

By owning less, you can experience more.

You don’t need so much stuff crowding your life. It becomes stagnant energy as well as added attachment and responsibility. The more stuff you have, the more you have to think about. Ergo, less stuff, less stress, more money! Wealth creation! More money to have beautiful life experiences and take care of yourself.

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