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The 4 keys to Longevity

April 2, 2019

People are always after the next big thing to prevent ageing, cure and prevent disease. The easy solution to our inevitable end. However, the secret is not in a pill or miracle treatment. Neither some topical cream or injection. Its very simple. Eat well. Move your body. Get outdoors and focus on a positive outlook on life.

The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.

~Eleanor Roosevelt

1. Diet

Poor nutrition has immense effects on the body. Organ and metabolic systems rely on compounds found in foods to function. As a living organism, the body system is beautiful. And wickedly smart. You don’t put in what’s needed, your body tells you by signaling with symptoms. The body does in fact start with rather subtle warning symptoms but for the most part, humans have become quite disconnected from listening to their bodies. There have been many documented cases of people cleaning up their diet and lifestyle, reversing and healing conditions.

While medical specialization is good in acute cases, most of the time, people have symptoms because of a total organism misfunction. Symptoms are your bodies warning signals that there is a malfunction. The symptom is not the malfunction itself. For example, Heart disease is a symptom of poor diet and lifestyle. Masking the symptom allows the real problem to continue and develop.

Reductionism pervades the medical sciences and affects the way we diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases. While it has been responsible for tremendous successes in modern medicine, there are limits to reductionism, and an alternative explanation must be sought to complement it.

Medical reductionism: lessons from the great philosophers 
Mark J. Beresford

The old adage of ‘you are what you eat” is literal. New cells that replace old ones from what you are feeding it. Ergo, feed it nutritionally poor, calorie dense foods, you become fat and sick. Feed it nutritionally dense and calorie poor food, you are lean and healthy.

Feeding your body the good stuff, whole foods, predominantly plant-based diet provides your body with all the vitamins and minerals it needs. A diverse whole foods diet also provides antioxidants and phytochemicals who support and preserve cells. You are keeping your cells healthy and preventing rapid cell turnover ie, slowing aging.

While supplementing with a good quality multimineral and multivitamin is good. Antioxidants and phytochemicals that are so good at preventing disease cannot be replicated in a pill. A good diet is essential.

Most chronic diseases are related to diet. Heart disease, Alzheimers, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis and dental diseases to name some. These are man-made afflictions passed on through the generations through limited education and poor access to healthy nutritious foods. We can avoid these diseases. They are not a product of old age.

2. Exercise

Daily exercise has immense benefits – body, mind and spirit. Moving your body increases blood flow. Good blood flow transports nutrients to all target destinations. Movement is a great way to aid the lymphatic system at clearing metabolic and environmental waste from the body.

People who got some exercise, but not enough to meet the physical activity recommendations were still 20 percent less likely to die over a 14-year period than those who did not do any physical activity. (The recommendations say to do 150 minutes of moderate activity per week or 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week.)

New Study Shows Exercise Dramatically Increases Longevity

Getting blood flow into your whole body is essential, especially for your brain. Cardiovascular exercise is great for neurogenesis – rebuilding the brain. Physical movement has a positive influence on your mental state. Depression is growing at an alarming rate in the modern world, so is a sedentary lifestyle. Coincidence? Moving your body, at the gym, dance class or yoga is a great way to meet people, release anxiety, express yourself and promote a positive body image.

Its recommended getting 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a week or 75 minutes of intense aerobic exercise. That’s 30 minutes 5 times a week or 15 minutes respectively. A brisk walk in the mornings or a power HIIT for 15 minutes. The worst part is starting, but stick to it and you will soon feel the benefits of an active life.

3. Get Outdoors

This is something people immediately consider when it comes to longevity. Seasonal affective disorder is widely known but only in less sunny climates. New studies are showing that even in sunny states people are not getting enough sunshine and are vitamin D deficient. Long hours at work indoors, sedentary lifestyles, inadequate recreational facilties in cities and a focus on social media are all culprits.

It is important to note that vitamin D deficiency is a major global public health issue. About 1 billion people worldwide have vitamin D deficiency, while 50% of the population has vitamin D insufficiency.[

While one can supplement and should if you are deficient, the benefits of sunshine cannot be replaced. The sun energizes the body. People always feel a million bucks returning from their sunny beach vacation. Coupled with relation and extra rays, people are relaxed and feel invigorated. Being outside is not only good for your daily D3. It does something for your wellbeing that is not directly measurable but something you can most definitely feel. Being outdoors connects you with the rest of life. You intuitively feel calmer. Like things will be ok.

I want to offer a challenge. Next time you feeling bad. You feel stressed at work or emotionally strained. Go for a walk in your neighborhood. Put your favorite tunes on or just enjoy the silence. If you can’t walk, sit outdoors or close to a window for a while and feel the air, maybe some rays passing through. Feel calm creep over you. Feel yourself seperate from all the external stuff. Feel the inner calm.

4. Mindset

Longevity is the result of eating well, moving your body and getting outdoors. There is however one factor missing. In all my research, as well as personal experience, the missing link is the health of the mind and emotions. Pure thriving health, is deeply connected to your mind.

Many times people will ask me why they should eat well or exercise. Jane down the way got cancer and she was an athlete and ate a great diet. If it happened to her then no one is safe. I recently watched a documentary on Netflix, Heal. It was focused on natural healing. There was a woman, “Jane”. She exercised and ate well. But then she got cancer – and bad. But on her journey, she realized how her mind had not been resolved. She carried her past, her limiting beliefs, pain. Over the years, she internalised the feelings she didnt want to face.

These suppressed emotions radiated toxic vibrations through the cells of her body. Over time the toxicity manifests as cancer. She accepted help with chemo and also worked on dealing with her heart and mind. Working through what she was ignoring and why. Finally, she faces her darkest feelings and releases them from her being. She healed from what she was told she most likely wouldnt..

Keeping up a practice to keep the mind clear and focused is invaluable. Feel your fears with courage. Face your insecurities with compassion. Forgive people. Love fearlessly. Be present. live your life as a game of play. Even the bad stuff.

But most of all, accept yourself. I like to ask the wisdom of my elders, what should I know as a young person just starting my journey. Often I get told not to take life too seriously and to love myself for who I am. In the face of pursuing perfection, its a hard pill to swallow but one that could have profound effects.

Livining a life geared towards longevity is a lifestyle.

Its the simplest idea but it is not easy. It involves saying no junk food that no doubt tastes amazing but wreaks havoc internally. It means saying no to 2 weekends of partying to focus on spending time alone or with your spouse. It means stopping yourself when you know you are full avoiding that post stuff yourself guilt. It’s choosing the best option most of the times. It’s cultivating a discipline that will eventually ease into habits.

Longevity is a journey. Its taking care of your body and taking responsibility for your mind. Be honest. Be vulnerable. Persist. You can do it. Because most likely you are fighting against a life that you never really imagined for yourself. Why not fight FOR life? Do the hard things with love and joy. Let them make you raw. Fold it into and blossom to find out who you are. What you really are capable of.

Eat well. Move your body. Spend time outdoors. Take care of your mind.

” Healthy choices are an act of self love, not deprivation” – Will Smith

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