The Latte Factor – David Bach

I originally found David Bach through a Marie TV episode. One factor that creates a trust for me with people writing books is their passion. David Bach’s interview with Marie Forleo was so full of passion and delight, I immediately went out and read the book.

Amazing, and if you use it, life-changing book. I initially watched the episode so that I could gain more understanding and footing on my finances and it lead to the book. I definitely feel like it offered clarity and strategy. A must for everyone at any stage of life in any financial situation.

Everything is Fucked – A Book About Hope – mark Manson

This is Mark Manson’s second edition and let me say right off the bat. It’s different. While he still retains a voice of reason and clarity, his tone is slightly different for the better. This book has more of an assertion behind it and I liked it.

He talks a lot about our history and why we think like we do. The ever battle about the thinking and feeling sides of humans. I really liked the idea about how we as a society are stuck in our adolescent phase – a great analogy of the state of our affairs.

I felt like it was randomly put together but in the end, it tied together well with an ending to make you think. If you liked his first book, I recommend the second.

The subtle art of not giving a f*ck – Mark Manson

Amazing book! Mark Manson delivers a perspective that is clear with no unnecessary complicated terms and phrases. It’s well written and straight to the point.

A great book for a holiday or when you in need of some life inspiration.

The main idea I got from this book is how we have become accustomed to giving a F*** about all the wrong stuff. It’s not about throwing caution to the wind or not caring about anything but throwing caution and care to the right things. He also covers the idea about where your metrics for success lie. Something I think everyone should assess in their lives.

The War of Art – Steven Pressfield

This book is an amazing resource for any creative, whatever industry you work in. It was a great source of inspiration to press on in my field and how to develop my work ethic. Even more, it provided me to find my inner pro. Probably one of the biggest insights for me in 2019.

Another key point that I recurringly remind myself of is that fear and self-doubt follow everyone, no matter how far in your career you are. It’s about acknowledging them and carrying on. An idea easily forgotten when fear is spewing bullshit out at you.

The Power of Now – Eckhardt Tolle

This book set me on my path to understanding myself, my life and how I had the power to choose what I wanted to experience out of life. AT 19 it gave me solid ideas to clear up the bullshit belief systems that were limiting my experience.

I have read it more than once, each time it offers a new aspect of understanding.

Feeling stuck, confused, uninspired. This book has so much understanding to offer.

Conversations with God – Neil Donald Walsch

This trilogy covers ideas and concepts on the individual, collective and political spheres of life. I took a lot from these books and developed a lot of my own understanding of life from it.

For those who may be deterred by the ‘God” part, its theological or based on any religion. Walsch uses the term God to convey the idea of Source, or whatever you resonate with.

These books are easy to read and speak about things in a way that can bring clarity to some of those awkward life questions.

It’s a great perspective and really brings to light the misguided direction of modern times and how to change it to serve you.

Code of the Extraordinary Mind – Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani is the founder of MindValley. A company that focuses on education on topics such as finance, lifestyle, spiritually and many other topics of self-development.

His book focuses on breaking old belief systems that you have picked up over life and creating new ones. I really like this book because it allows us to think outside of the mainstream feed and think about what we want to create as our core beliefs. These core beliefs influence our lives greatly. Consciously creating is a great way to redefining and experiencing life.

Take your time on this one. Work through it and implement your new ways of thinking. Good luck!

The prophet – Kalil Gibran

This is probably one of my top books of all time. I found a copy that belonged to my grandma and was dated 1953!

Intrigued, I read it and it is absolutely beautiful. It consists of 26 prose poetry fables that cover all sorts of concepts about life.

If you fancy some inspiration, this is a must!

It’s a quick manageable read. The old English may be weird at first but becomes easier as you read on.