Hello! My name is Liezl, like Diesel but with a z. (yes, this is my standard self-introduction)

Some keywords that describe me:

Passion. Focus. Self-love. Nutrition. Positive optimism. Love. Self-discipline. Vulnerability. Power. Accountability. Drive. Connect. Self-improvement. Sharing. Uplifting. Community. Abundance.

I have been passionate about health and wellness for as long as I can remember. Delving deep in different modalities, natural healing techniques, diets, exercise styles and everything in between trying to find what works for me and learning a bunch along the way.

I am deeply passionate about self-development. The concept of self-responsibility came early to my understanding. Life inevitably becomes better when you decide to take it into your own hands. Accountability for your actions and your life can open doors you never knew about.

I want to ever evolve. Experience new ways of being, always growing and expanding. I was 19 when I picked up The Power of now by Eckhart Tolle. It changed everything. It put me on a track to understand myself in relation to, well, myself! It showed me that I can expand myself in spite, or rather, thanks to all that I have experienced, good and bad.

I became vegetarian when I was 22. From then on explored nutrition and its role in health, physically and mentally. After an eye-opening experience to the reality of commercial meat and dairy industry, I adopted a plant-based lifestyle. I love being plant-based. I love eating whole foods and feeding my body good food whilst withdrawing my contribution to the suffering of animals.

About 2 years ago, after years of unexplained health and gut issues I discovered, I had leaky gut. This was a long and committed path to healing. However, it served as a piece of my life puzzle that brought me to this point. It was one of the hardest journeys I have done but one that brought me clarity and passion to my life purpose. It was not a difficult experience because of the physical healing but rather it revealed to me the immense importance of mental wellbeing in physical wellbeing. If I wanted to live in health and wellness I had to sort my mind out.

Fast forward 10 years, I have established what works for me whilst still exploring new ideas and concepts that push my own boundaries.

My purpose in life and, the materialization of that purpose, this blog, is to help you. I want my hard times and my work to help you rise up easier and quicker. I want to empower you with information that adds to the quality of your life. I hope to inspire you towards self-actualization without the hard times and stumbles that I went through to learn these lessons.

I want to open the dialogue on issues that are too taboo to be spoken about but that need speaking about. For life to change we need to change the way we do things! I want to make vulnerability cool. I want people to become open to revealing their hearts to one another so that we can start connecting on deeper and more meaningful levels.

I am so stoked to be on this journey and to share it with you. Please feel free to share your journey and experiences with me too! I want to create a community of people to open up, grow and self-actualize.

So much love and appreciation for this life and all that are participants in my experience.